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Congrats on getting engaged!

We're sure there are 100 things on your to do list before you say "I do" and hopefully hiring us to help you with your first dance is on it. We got married back in 2013 so we know how the process goes. It can feel crazy and overwhelming but it should also be fun...and dance lessons are a great way to have that fun with your soon to be spouse while preparing for your wedding.

We can teach you the following dance styles for your big day:

1920s Charleston



Collegiate Shag


Jitterbug/East Coast Swing

Lindy Charleston

Lindy Hop

Nightclub 2 Step

+ aerials, lifts, dips & tricks


We have various options available to suit your needs - whether you want to learn some basic steps, develop a fully choreographed dance, or treat your entire wedding party to lessons. Check out our Wedding Dance Packages below & contact us with any questions you may have.

We also made a playlist of first (swing) dance song options for you to listen to!



Image by Alvin Mahmudov

First Dance

Learn some basic social dance moves or pick a song & let us choreograph your first dance as a married couple! It can be slow & sweet, fast & swingin', or a combo of both.

Wedding Family Photos

Bridal Party

Get your friends & family involved! This could make a fun outing for you and your bridal party & gets them ready for the dance floor at your reception.

Wedding Dance

Other Dances

Bring in the parents to work on those dances between Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, or any special person that you want to highlight on the most important day


We're not going to charge you more just because it has the word "Wedding" in front of Private Lessons. We know how much it costs to get married so we want to keep your dance lessons reasonable.

The following is what we recommend and it is the same price as our regular Private Lesson rates.
The only thing that's different is the added cost of doing custom choreography!

50 minute lesson (with 1 instructor)
Good for up to 4 people


Package of 5 lessons (with 1 instructor)

50 minutes per lesson


Custom Choreography


Lessons are normally done in the Spokane/Indian Trail North area. If you would like us to come to your location an additional travel fee will apply if you are 20+ miles from Spokane (zip code 99208) at $0.55/mile.


If you would like 2 instructors present it will be an additional $15/lesson paid at the time of the lesson
(or we can send you a Paypal request).


Lesson must be used within 1 year from date of purchase.
No refunds or exchanges after 1 year from date of purchase.


Group private lessons are available for more than 4 people - contact us for rates and more info.


Thank you to Joel and Jackie Plys for choreographing our first dance! Despite Covid they were able to find a way to effectively teach us through zoom and a few socially distanced in‐person lessons! We were ambitious in the style of dance we wanted to include, some of which we hadn't yet learned, but they taught us all the basics we needed to have a fantastic dance!


We thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and highly recommend nwswingdanceco!

~The Wildemans 

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