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Are you are ready to challenge yourself and take your dancing to higher levels?
If so, sign up for our Teacher Training program!


If you are a local, hometown teacher or an aspiring international instructor
this training will prepare you to offer even more for your community or weekend workshops.
Imagine investing $70 in order to add over 25 class options for your community or your teaching repertoire?
THIS is a great investment for you personally, your dance scene, and students all over the globe!!!


In November, we will have a special 4-week Zoom Room Training.
Full Teacher Training is usually a 3 month long series (which normally costs $150+)

You will receive all the training materials and videos normally shared in the full training.
If funds are low and you want to do the training just let us know. 
We will set it up so we can collect payment at a later date when you have the funds & can offer more classes.


Local dancers in the Spokane area have the option of being added to our instructor roster and able to teach classes for the Northwest Swing Dance Company.  After this series, NWSDCo teaching staff will continue to gather on a monthly basis to keep our skills sharp and discuss community needs.

If you have a team of teachers in your community and you are interested in setting up a private Zoom (or future live) Teacher Training session, just let us know - we can tailor the program to fit your schedule/needs.


"Teaching is the act of sharing the knowledge we have been given by others with hope that someday, in some way, it again will be passed on."

If you are experienced enough with the dances of the Swing Era and feel you are ready to share your knowledge and passion with others, then contact us to join our Teacher Training program!  The training received will not only prepare you to teach but also improve your own dance skills immensely.  We pride ourselves on a "dance more, talk less" approach

NOVEMBER 2020 SCHEDULE - Wednesday Zoom Room at 7:00pm (Nov 4, 11, 18, 25)


WEEK 1 - Top 10 Teaching Tips

  • The Top 10 are the key techniques that Joel has used to be hired all over the world and have amazing local classes. 

WEEK 2 - Keys for Leaders/Followers & Lead Follow 101    

  • Understanding the KEYS will help you focus your class material. All too often, instructors try to do too much - especially in BEG & INT classes.

  • L/F 101 covers Techniques & tips for moving together. These can be applied to any figure/partner dance. 

WEEK 3 - Being Prepared

  • You will have homework before this session and watch 2 training sessions offered earlier this year so we can work on putting these concepts into practice during our Zoom Room. Quick review of material and then practice, practice, practice!

  • Utilizing Bonus Material: 5 Questions / Mantras, Counts, Finishing Sentences / Four 4s

WEEK 4 - The BEG Curriculums & where YOU go from here

  • We will discuss options for beginner classes/series and put into practice what we have learned in the session for Jitterbug (6c Lindy) and Lindy Hop

  • Utilizing Bonus Material: BEG Curriculums

  • Where YOU go Bonus Material:  Diversity vs Specialization & the SWING equation  /  Messing with the Rock Step & The Rhythms of Jitterbug  /  Dances of the Swing Era  /  Every Lindy Hopper Should Know  / Every Balboa Dancer should know


  • Diversity vs Specialization

  • The SWING equation: GT = QoM^3 + [LH + C + J^2 + B^2 + S] - E

  • Four powerful 4s for teaching (VARK model, 4 Stages of Learning, 4 Stages of Competence, and 4MAT model):  

  • The 5 questions you should have answered going into any class:

  • Mantras, Counts, Finishing Sentences

  • Beginner Curriculums for Jitterbug, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa

  • Messing with the Rock Step

  • The Rhythms of Jitterbug

  • Every Lindy Hopper Should Know

  • Every Balboa Dancer Should Know

  • Dances of the Swing Era

For local Spokane area dancers, our goal is to create clarity versus confusion and consistency versus complexity.  We know you will help us achieve this as a teacher for our professional dance company.  We want our students to gain an understanding of the dances and have a lot of fun while maintaining the integrity and professionalism of our company.   

We hope you will join our Northwest Swing Dance Co. team of teachers OR implement these concepts in your hometown or your traveling teacher skill-set.

If you have any questions please CONTACT US


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I have trained in several different dance styles and have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the top teachers and coaches in the world.


I would have to say without a doubt that Joel is among the very best. He has the rare ability to break concepts down to make them understandable (and then train us how to teach it to students) while still keeping it fun and energetic.


I would highly recommend Joel's teacher training program to anyone who is interested in learning the swing era dances and then moving to the next level of teaching in a fun and supportive environment.

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It's one thing to take lessons from one of the best professional instructors in the business, it's quite another to learn what makes them so good and different from other instructors!


There are so many details you don't realize or take for granted as a student that goes into great teaching...Joel really knows how to break down a step and analyze a move, pointing out anything that is funky that makes a move not feel quite right. Jackie complements Joel with valuable info for the follows, not just saying "just follow". Even when she is simply counting, the emphasis on certain counts also helps students learn!


If you want to learn from the ones who have taught instructors around the world, take the  Teacher Training classes with Joel and Jackie Plys!



One Training Session

Drop in for any one teacher training session of your choosing!
See NOV 2020 schedule above


Pre-Pay for
4 Training Sessions

Take a full 4 week session of teacher training and continue to increase your skills as an instructor!

All pre-pay amounts are valid until noon on the day of the 1st class of the month.

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