The Balboa Rendezvous was an amazing event put on by Joel Plys for 10 years. He focused on the history of Balboa having the final evening's dance at the Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach, CA where the Balboa dance was created. He also had the original Balboa dancers attend and talk in a "Master's Q&A"

On these event DVDs you will learn what the instructors taught in their classes, get to hear the Masters talk about dancing back in the 1930s, see epic competition footage and more!


This DVD includes:

  - Class material from the following Instructors:
    * Bernard & Anne-Helene (France)
    * Christi Guest (England)
    * David & Tise (USA)
    * Erik & Sylvia (USA)
    * Dave & Claudia (Australia)
    * Jonathan Bixby (USA)
    * Marcus & Barbl (Germany)
    * Marty & Jen (USA)
    * Minn & Corina (USA)
    * Nick & Sylvia (USA)
    * Rob & Diane (USA)
    * Steve & Heidi (USA)
    * Joel & Alison (USA)
    * Zack & Maryse (Canada)
    * Dean Raftery (USA)
    * Ray Cunningham (USA)

  - Competition footage
  - Q&A with the Masters
  - Special Features: bonus footage, "Those Balboa Nights"

DVD produced by Doug Silton:

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Balboa Rendezvous 2006

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